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Gabriel Shaoolian
CEO and Founder

Gabriel is a hands-on leader and digital expert focused on providing specific tactics and strategies to grow brands online. He has worked with numerous brands, from Fortune 500 companies to reputable startups including Google, Microsoft, SONY, NFL, NYU, P&G, Fleet Bank and NASA. Gabriel sets the stage for a proactive work culture, and personally reviews every project to ensure the Digital Silk team generates results. He has two golden rules for the team: 1. Do outstanding work, not just good work, and 2. Don’t drag on tasks.

Gabriel has columns in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, and American Express. He has made numerous media appearances, from Bloomberg and Reuters to ABC News and CNN.

Emma Debeljak
Content Strategist

Emma has worked with B2B and B2C organizations worldwide and across industries, from Spain to Hong Kong, and from government to fashion. She has developed and executed complete content marketing strategies for established organizations and startups alike, as well as delivered specialized content marketing services such as organic social media management, web copywriting and blogging. Her diverse experience informs her approach to each client’s unique business needs, adding to her agility and allowing her to cross-pollinate ideas.

Stephanie Sharlow
Brand Strategist

With a strong background in journalism, public relations and media production, Stephanie creates brand strategies with a special focus on effective communication, brand positioning and voice, and consumer engagement. Stephanie’s experience includes creating digital strategies, redesigning websites, and executing marketing campaigns, events, and production for brands such as The TODAY Show, SoulCycle, and The Ohio Department of Commerce. She is a Society of Professional Journalists award-winning writer, and has contributed to many publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Levo League.

Gary Kuznetsov
Senior Technical Engineer

Gary has extensive experience in expanding the technical expertise of the agency and spearheading the adoption of modern software development standards and technologies. He specializes in developing complex B2B and B2C platforms, is recognized as a Certified Laravel Developer, and focuses on identifying and implementing technology trends that will be able to support the future success of any business.

Francesco Perini
Global Brand Strategist

Francesco’s track record dates back to 1999. He has worked with national and international companies in a variety of luxury industries – including fashion, automotive, aerospace, fitness, food and more – and his previous clients include such iconic as Gucci and Subaru. Francesco prides himself on following the latest design, advertising and marketing trends around the world. He enjoys inventing new ideas for branding, advertising campaigns, and marketing messages, and loves meeting with clients regularly.

Madalin Durca
Digital Marketing Director

Madalin has a proven track record of helping businesses increase their digital performance. He has been working in the marketing industry for over 20 years, leading projects in various fields, such as retail, eCommerce, B2B, advertising, branding, and digital marketing. Madalin enjoys connecting the dots for our clients and brings clarity where most people would quit. He’s responsible for the development and execution of integrated marketing communication strategies, including all paid and gained media channels.

Dan Taub
Art Director

They call Dan Taub the “John Wick of Design” for two reasons – he is fast and effective. Dan has worked with many reputable companies, such as Palms Casino Resort and Nissan of North America. He has worked in both the print and digital industries for over 10+ years alongside talented people, always building valuable relationships which result in unmatched work.

Shearly Reyes
Digital Strategist

With years of experience in marketing and strategy, Shearly’s goal is to create campaigns that make an impact and increase a brand’s revenue month-over-month. Shearly has worked with clients ranging from medical practices to global brands including Caesar’s Hotel and OYO. Shearly has worked alongside Google’s Premier team to test out powerful betas and cutting-edge marketing techniques, as well as Facebook to develop new solutions and integrations. Her work has been featured on GetApp, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, HospitalityNet and Bustle.

Mirjana Secanski
Director of Recruitment

Mirjana believes that people are the key to success and she loves finding the right people for the right roles. Her main goal is to ensure that Digital Silk always has the best teammates working together towards a common goal: Superior digital experience for every client. She is proud of the Digital Silk team and its strong company culture rooted in equality, accountability and enthusiasm.

Cristina Ana
Global Marketing Strategist

Cristina has a longstanding expertise in marketing strategy, customer experience, paid media, social media, email marketing, SEO and website optimization for international industry-leading companies, such as IBM and L’Oreal. Her extensive experience includes improving customer journeys and optimizing digital performance across a wide variety of channels. Cristina has received several Global Recognition Awards for her outstanding digital marketing results.

Branko Stojanovic
Business Development Director

Branko has more than 15 years of experience helping brands identify opportunities for growth and executing those initiatives. Branko has a strong understanding of brand requirements, is very organized and can quickly comprehend in-depth project requirements. This enables him to forge professional relationships and help clients find the best solutions – and team – to achieve their goals.

Anja Djuricin
Social Media Director

Anja’s passion for performance is seen in her work. She loves to push the envelope, her extensive experience in copywriting, paid media and social media enable her to drive campaign excellence. On the cutting edge of professional brand-oriented social media accounts and paid advertising campaigns, Anja is always tracking posts to optimize impact and conversions. She ensures the top performance of social channels KPIs by proactively combining new ideas and trending topics.


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