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From Start-Ups To Fortune 500, We Partner With Brands Of All Sizes
  • Sony
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  • P&G
  • IBM
  • AT&T
  • NYU
  • NFL
  • NASA
  • Xerox

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Digital Agency Case Studies

From Concept To Market: We Engineer Projects For Superior Performance

Data-Based Digital Strategy
Increases Repeat Sales Internationally


Digital Strategy Results

In 6 months, our digital strategy produced over 40,000 rewards members globally and increased repeat sales.
  • 40,000
    active members
    inside the program
  • 56%
    of customers are
    repeat customers
  • Automated
    generated for the campaign
    detailing real time data

Multichannel Digital Strategy
Increases Lead Base


Digital Strategy Results

In 6 months, our digital strategy increased targeted sales:
  • 20%
    sales increase for
    Xerox Versalink
  • 43%
    conversion rate
    for nurtured leads
  • Improved
    and best practices
    for Xerox team

Multichannel Digital Strategy
Boosts Brand Awareness & Sales


Digital Strategy Results

In 2 months, our digital strategy showed significant results:
  • 53
    new backlinks
  • 1500
    organic keywords
  • 21%
    lower bounce rate
    on contact page
  • 18.5%
    lower bounce rate
    on free trial page
  • Increased
    on Free Trial page
    to 3:20

A Digital Agency With U.S. & U.K. Locations

We Partner With Our Clients To Drive Results

Expert Team Members

Your project is only as good as the team working on it. We have top industry experts with proven track records.

Results-Driven Proactive Approach

We pride ourselves on both quality work and measurable results – and we do it by treating your project as our own.

Streamlined Execution

We move with urgency.
No middlemen. You work directly with hands-on experts, which saves you time & money.


Our Experts Have Won Top Industry Awards & Are

Recognized Digital Agency Experts

Appearances In Mainstream Media

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Digital Agency FAQs


What Is A Digital Agency?


A digital agency is a company that leverages digital channels to grow their clients’ brands online.

“Digital agency” is typically used as an umbrella term for a variety of agencies that combine expertise in different channels and technologies such as web design, digital marketing, creative design and app development, for instance.


What services does a digital agency provide?


Digital agency services include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital strategy and consulting
  • Web design and development
  • Digital marketing including social media, email marketing and more

Some digital agencies also provide software and app development, digital transformation and even branding and creative services.


Hiring a digital agency vs hiring in-house: What is the difference?


The benefits of hiring a digital agency vs. hiring in-house include:

  • Access to highly specialized and seasoned experts
  • Access to leading industry tools, insights and know-how
  • Flexibility in terms of contractual obligations
  • Symbiotic growth: You are incentivized to grow your relationship based on results

How to choose a digital agency?


The first step to choosing a digital agency is to filter the candidates based on expertise. Match their capabilities to your requirement.

The second step is to shortlist the candidates based on rates and portfolios.

The final —and perhaps the most important — step is to interview the shortlisted digital agencies to identify the one you can develop a long-term relationship with.


What questions should you ask when interviewing a digital agency?


Question #1: Who would be working on my project?

Digital agencies’ main asset is their team of digital experts. You want to assess their expertise as well as work culture to determine whether you can develop a true partnership with the agency.

We recommend going even a step further and asking to meet the people who would be assigned to your account.

Question #2: Will you provide consultation and ideas?

You’d be surprised at how many agencies deliver their service passively, awaiting your requests and instructions.

You want your digital agency to take leadership on your project by consulting you as well as executing the approved strategies and reporting on your progress regularly.

Other important questions to ask are:

Do you have experience with similar projects?

What are the results you have generated on those projects?

How would you bring value to my business long-term?


How do digital agencies charge for their services?


Digital agencies typically price their services based on hourly rates.

Whether you are looking to outsource a one-time project like website development or to partner with an agency on a retainer basis, you will most likely receive a pricing range based on the estimate of the number of hours your project would require.


What sets Digital Silk apart from other digital agencies?


Digital Silk is a creative digital agency that employs some of the leading industry experts.

We provide best-in-class digital agency services such as web design and development, digital marketing and branding – to name a few.

Consulting is the integral part of our offering. Each of our clients receives guidance from a dedicated digital strategist as well as a carefully selected team of specialists whose task is to generate measurable results.

We take ownership of our projects, providing transparency through:

  • Regular communication
  • Weekly and even daily reporting
  • Detailed time tracking and project management