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Digital Marketing Case Studies

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Global Team,
Localized Precision

The Challenge

Global IBM Locations Struggled To Adopt
New Industry-Specific Marketing Communications Effectively

The company had to refresh the industry-specific marketing communications and
launched a new platform for 19 Industries made of over 200 webpages that to be localized in Europe.

The team then realized that every country encountered similar problems in the adoption process and took
very long to solve them or didn’t know where to find the necessary information to update on the pages.

The Solution

Location-Specific Marketing Initiatives Aimed At Streamlining The Process

The team aimed to streamline the adoption process by allocated dedicated strategists to each location.
Upwards of 12 digital strategists lead the project for each region in Europe – and those team members used
their experience to build guides and share know-how to reduce delivery time.

Examples of industries they located in the global locations include:

  • Insurance
  • Retail Consumer Products
  • Telecommunications & Media Entertainment
  • Energy


Coordinating Global Teams With Localized Precision

In order to execute the task, the team provided daily status updates to make sure project was on track and help local teams solve unexpected problems. They also created a localization guide for local teams to follow standards.

In addition, the team cultivated a community to share know-how and gather the local configurations needed by teams to publish pages faster.

Finally, the team understood that by having an industry-specific marketing microsite available to those locations, the team was able to shift from a product-lead campaigns to industry-specific marketing communication, integrate better with marketing events and increase organic traffic from keywords that they were not ranking for previously.

The Results

In 5 months, the team achieved:
  • Over 100 stakeholders
    and 12 team members
  • 19 industry
    microsites launched
    in 21 countries
  • 200+ webpages
    localized in
    11 local languages

Event Marketing,
With A Cause

The Challenge Aims To Put On Timely Event For Partner Non-Profit

In light of Robin Williams’ passing, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
and wanted to raise funds and awareness for the cause.

With World Suicide Prevention Say (Sept. 10) nearing quickly, they decided to screen a cult favorite Robin Williams movie,
collecting donations for the 67+ chapters of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

However, with less than one month to pull together a New York City movie screening,
they needed public relations and event marketing assistance.

The Solution

Executing Event Marketing In Record Time

With the desired dates on the calendar, the only solution was to work efficiently to meet tight deadlines.
In addition, in order to receive the support needed to execute such a large-scale event in just a few short weeks,
the team also reached out to additional corporate partners with similar values to co-sponsor the event.

Some of the deliverables included:

  • Venue scouting and confirmation
  • Social media strategy
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Design of marketing collateral
  • Press release creation and distribution
  • Event logistics, including staffing and permits


Creating An Engaging Screening That Delivered Meaningful Donations

With less than one month before the desired event, team members secured an official event partnership with AFSP.

Then, they set about finding a location large and stately enough to hold the event, eventually securing the French Institute’s Florence Gould Hall Theatre In New York City as a donation to the cause. The team also designed visual collateral for advertising before and during the screening.

They also secured an additional corporate partner –, a former movie streaming site. As a co-sponsor of the event, they helped to shoulder the costs. In addition, they agreed to donate $1 for every Robin Williams film streamed on their platform that month, which equated to thousands of dollars.

The team then built comprehensive media lists, wrote press releases, and sent them out to journalists to secure press coverage before, during and after the event.

Media coverage, as well as email marketing and social media campaigns, also fostered strong ticket sales.

Finally, they worked the event, ensuring admission, concessions, donation collection, screening, visitor experience, and eventual delivery to the non-profit went smoothly.

The Results

In less than 1 month, the team achieved:
  • Hundreds
    of attendees
    from all over New York
  • Thousands
    of dollars
    donated in just one evening
  • $1 donation
    or every Robin Williams film
    streamed that month
Hundreds of attendees from all over New York
Thousands of dollars donated in just one evening
$1 donation from for every Robin Williams film streamed that month
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Digital Marketing Company Results

Our online marketing strategies are tailored to the unique needs of your audience and brand objectives. With the right digital marketing approach, you’ll see improved conversion rate, better user engagement, and an overall boost in ROI. Here are a few examples:

Multi-channel marketing helped Xerox generate valuable B2B leads and increase sales. In 6 months the team achieved:

  • 20 %
    sales increase
    for Xerox Versalink
  • 34 %
    conversion rate
    for nurtured leads
  • Improved reporting
    and best practices for the Xerox team

Creating a comprehensive customer rewards program increased HP’s brand loyalty and returning consumers. In 6 months the team achieved:

  • 40,000
    active members
    inside the program
  • 56 %
    of customers
    were repeat customers
  • Automated Reports
    generated for the campaign detailing real time data

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Digital Marketing Services

How We Grow Clients’ Brand Awareness & Customer Base


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With over 87% of buyers searching for products and services online, your business stands to gain a wealth of qualified leads and a boost in conversions by ranking highly in search (SERPs).

We deliver technical, off-page and on-page SEO to clients across industries, helping them assume and maintain their position at the top of SERPs. We help them increase their brand’s visibility and meet prospective clients as their purchase intent surges.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

A paid ad that appears at the very top of search receives almost 4 times’ the clicks than those featured at lower positions.

However, reaching this position, even with paid advertising, is challenging due to the ever-increasing competition.

Our PPC experts rely on deep data, research and strategic content to optimize paid ad performance and generate higher ROI.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

This year, over 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing.

As the environment is becoming more saturated, data, strategy and quality content are more important than ever.

Our expert strategists, writers and designers create engaging content carefully designed for every stage of the customer journey, increasing the qualified lead base, conversions and loyalty.

Social Media

Social Media

From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter, and beyond – our team of experts help clients build their social media presence strategically, optimizing each channel to feed into their marketing funnel.

We specialize in both organic and paid social media management, providing a full-suite of services, from strategy to content creation and community management.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing can generate as much as $42 ROI for every $1 spent.

We help clients across industries build successful email marketing strategies and manage campaigns that nurture and convert their leads.

From simple newsletters to sophisticated eCommerce retargeting strategies, we plan, conceptualize, execute and manage all types of email marketing campaigns end-to-end.

Digital Marketing Automation

How We Streamline, Scale And Optimize Digital Campaigns

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

Whether looking to personalize your multichannel marketing efforts or automate your digital workflows, we can help you develop strategies, as well as identify and implement the right tools to grow and maintain customer relationships.

Email Marketing Automation

From CRM integration to identifying, implementing and managing the right email marketing platform for your business, we use advanced tools and strategies to automate complex email marketing workflows.

Social Media Management

We use the premium social media management platforms to harvest deeper data, run better analytics and optimize your brand’s performance across social channels.


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