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Austin Brand Strategies & Logo Designs


Brand for strategy and Logo for Startup

Newater came to Digital Silk for a brand strategy and visual identity that defined their unique positioning and messaging.


Animated Logo Design & Communication

Digital Silk created a new logo and visual identity that truly stands out from the competition for this medication innovator.


Animated Logo Design & Communication

Digital Silk created the Toyota Cares logo and communications strategy to help reinforce safety culture at all organizational levels.


B2B Rebrand & Brand Guidelines

Digital Silk rebranded this B2B company and delivered Brand Guidelines that reinforced the use of consistent messaging, colors and typography.


Brand Foundation Makes a Statement

Renewable energy brand eCombustible made a big splash with a strong brand foundation and differentiation strategy provided by Digital Silk.

New Dev Rev

New Brand Gets Brand New Logo Strategy

Digital Silk brought the concept of New Dev Rev to life with a strong, clear brand strategy and visual identity.

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Types Of Strategies We Create​​​

Digital Strategies

Digital Strategies​​

A digital strategy aims to optimize and grow your brand’s online presence, be it your website, app or other digital platforms.

Digital Silk begins each website or app project with a comprehensive digital strategy, which allows us to understand your brand, business, competitive and industrial landscape, and target audience, to derive insight, uncover opportunities for growth and plan your project.

Brand Strategy​

Brand Strategy​

A brand strategy defines your brand’s positioning in the market, and standardizes your visual identity, values, purpose, mission, vision and unique brand persona.

The strategy is based on extensive research, stakeholder workshops and a deep understanding of your competitive landscape. Most importantly, the strategy identifies your target audiences’ emotional triggers, specific pain points and gain points, to craft messaging that speaks to your consumers’ needs.

Communication Strategy​

Communication Strategy​​

Considered an extension to the brand strategy, a communication strategy deep-dives into how your brand crafts messaging across channels and at each stage of the funnel.

Digital Silk’s brand and content experts base the strategy on in-depth market research, stakeholder interviews, and consumer feedback to define the channels, taglines, messages, brand voice and crisis communication protocols. The outcome of a communication strategy is clear and effective messaging across touch points, along with improved brand recognition, user engagement and conversions.


The Process

How Our Austin Branding Experts
Build Strategies That Deliver Results

01Kickoff Call
02Competitor Research
03Audience Analysis
04Brand Strategy
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The Pillars Of A Brand Strategy

How We Create An Authentic Brand Your Audience Wants To Engage With

Target Audiences

Target Audiences

Effective messaging is user-centric; it answers your consumers’ needs. To create effective messaging, your Digital Silk brand strategists will get to know your target audiences and ensure their needs and expectations are reflected in your strategy.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Your brand positioning is the heart of your brand strategy. It determines where your brand stands relative to your competitors as well as how your audience perceives you. Determining the optimal brand positioning informs all facets of your brand, from taglines to imagery.

Brand Visual Identity

Brand Visual Identity

Your audience needs only seven seconds to form an opinion about your brand. First impressions matter and they are largely influenced by your brand’s visual identity, including colors, images, typography and iconography.

Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging

From taglines to social media descriptions, messaging is key to educating and engaging target audiences. Delivering the right, targeted messaging at each stage of the funnel helps you optimize your channels for conversion, as well as search engines.

How We Build A Successful
Brand Communication Strategy

Communication Analysis​

Communication Analysis​​

For existing brands, we start by analyzing communication channels and key brand messaging, including website content, social media descriptions and posts, and taglines.

This audit helps us determine current strengths and weaknesses, to uncover opportunities to leverage in the strategy.

Communication Goals

Communication Goals​

What are we seeking to achieve with a communication strategy?

Setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) goals is the north star for the communication strategy and the efforts it will govern.

Channels & Media Selection

Channels & Media Selection

Once we understand our audience and where they spend their time online, we can recommend the key communication channels to use.

This step helps you optimize your marketing efforts by focusing you on the platforms with the biggest payoff.

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

Prompt, well-coordinated and effective response is key to mitigating crisis, whether internal or natural.

Our crisis communication strategies define simple protocols tailored to your organization and different crisis scenarios. These protocols will govern your crisis response, giving you better focus and helping you restore stability during unplanned events.

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