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NYC Brand Strategies & Logo Designs


Brand for strategy and Logo for Startup

Newater came to Digital Silk for a brand strategy and visual identity that defined their unique positioning and messaging.


Animated Logo Design & Communication

Digital Silk created a new logo and visual identity that truly stands out from the competition for this medication innovator.


Animated Logo Design & Communication

Digital Silk created the Toyota Cares logo and communications strategy to help reinforce safety culture at all organizational levels.


B2B Rebrand & Brand Guidelines

Digital Silk rebranded this B2B company and delivered Brand Guidelines that reinforced the use of consistent messaging, colors and typography.


Brand Foundation Makes a Statement

Renewable energy brand eCombustible made a big splash with a strong brand foundation and differentiation strategy provided by Digital Silk.

New Dev Rev

New Brand Gets Brand New Logo Strategy

Digital Silk brought the concept of New Dev Rev to life with a strong, clear brand strategy and visual identity.

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NYC Branding Agency Case Studies

Boosting Brand Loyalty With
An International Rewards Program


Increasing Brand
Engagement & Conversions


Branding Results

In 6 months the brand saw more conversions among both new and existing leads.
  • 20%
    sales increase for
    Xerox Versalink
  • 43%
    conversion rate
    for nurtured leads
  • Improved
    and best practices
    for Xerox team

Digital Strategies,
for Greater Brand Awareness


Types Of Strategies We Create

Digital Strategies

Digital Strategies

A digital strategy is a data- and research-driven plan that leverages digital technologies and channels to achieve your specific business goals.

At Digital Silk, we begin each website, eCommerce and app project with a detailed digital strategy that helps us build industry-leading and fully optimized digital experiences.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy helps brands discover and assume their unique place in the market and in their consumers’ minds.

It also provides detailed guidelines that allow stakeholders to maintain brand consistency across consumer touchpoints, making the brand more memorable and engaging.

Communication Strategy

Communication Strategy

A communication strategy studies a brand’s target audience including their pain points, purchasing behaviors and emotional triggers to develop and deliver highly targeted messaging.

Digital Silk’s communication strategies include messaging samples, communication territories and guidelines to govern how a brand uses communication channels to engage target audiences.


360° Brand Strategies To Grow Brands Online

Exquisitely Executed by a

NYC Branding Agency

01Kickoff Call
02Competitor Research
03Audience Analysis
04Brand Strategy
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The Pillars Of A Brand Strategy

How We Create An Authentic Brand Your Audience Wants To Engage With

Target Audiences

Target Audiences

The most successful brands are the ones that embody their audience’s values and aspirations, making audience research key in the brand strategy process.

Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning determines how your target consumers perceive your brand and where you stand compared to your top competitors in the consumers’ minds.

Brand Visual Identity

Brand Visual Identity

Brand visual identity are the design guidelines and visual assets such as logo variants, typography and color palettes, that help your maintain visual consistency across channels.

Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is how you communicate your brand to your audience at each stage of the conversion funnel. Think taglines, social bios, website headers – to name a few.

How We Build A Successful
Brand Communication Strategy

Communication Analysis

Communication Analysis

An integral part of every brand strategy is a communication analysis, which helps us assess your current messaging and communication channels – from taglines and social media posts to communication protocols.

This allows us to determine your weak points as well as growth opportunities and define tactics we can leverage to improve your brand’s marketing performance.

Communication Goals

Communication Goals

Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely goals – known as SMART goals – are the north star of your communication strategy.

We work with your closely to set SMART goals and use thorough market, industry and competitor research to establish benchmarks to determine the KPIs for your communication strategy.

Channels & Media Selection

Channels & Media Selection

Messaging is key to optimizing brand education and perception. Communication channels are key to optimizing your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Based on your audience insights, your communication strategists will recommend the key channels to use and provide guidelines to maximize your reach and impact.

Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

The way your brand responds to crisis, be it corporate or natural, can define or redefine your brand’s reputation.

As part of our communication strategy deliverables, we will create tailored crisis communication protocols that will help you organize and deliver effective messaging promptly and efficiently when unexpected events occur.

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