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Application Software

Application software utilizes a computer system to power functionalities that supersede the device’s capabilities.

It is one of the first forms of software development and is built for specific operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux. Common software programming languages used in application development include Java, VB.NET, C/C++, C#, and Python.

Application software comes in many forms, including mobile apps, desktop applications, and any other type of install-able piece of software designed for a specific function.

Application Software

System Software

System software manages the behavior of computer hardware, helping the solution to run optimally.

System software solutions come in many forms, including operating systems, device drivers and utilities. Most software solutions that brands need aren’t necessarily system software solutions. Instead, they are software solutions that are compatible with specific system software.

System Software

AI, IoT & Emerging Tech

As modern technology advances, software solutions have expanded beyond traditional operating systems and devices. Now, they encompass unique solutions, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, wearable devices, and other forms of software.

Emerging technology as software solutions can be implemented across many devices and operating systems, including mobile apps, websites, and any type of custom software solution.

AI, IoT & Emerging Tech

Custom Software Solutions

Custom software solutions know no bounds. In fact, any business need can be powered by its own specific software, aimed at achieving tailored goals.

Digital Silk consults with each client to determine their objectives, create a roadmap to success, and ultimately build a highly functional and innovative software solution to achieve those goals. Common custom software programming languages include Laravel, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, C++, HTML and more.

Custom Software Solutions

Frontend Development

Frontend software developers create the interface of a website or solution that “customers” will see when they interact with it. This means that they are not creating dashboards, administration panels, or content management systems (CMS).

This software development segment pays special attention to accessibility – which essentially encapsulates user experience – and performance – meaning proper functionality, design and loading times.

Frontend developers typically work with the languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Frontend Development

Backend Development

Backend software developers build the administration panel, dashboard and content management system that corresponds with the frontend interface. They also connect the frontend with the backend, ensuring that any software settings, content and other information can easily be controlled through the backend.

Backend developers tend to code in languages such as .NET, PHP opensource framework, and JAVA.

In addition, depending on the complexity of a project, Digital Silk can provide full-stack developers or experts who can manage both frontend and backend programming.

Backend Development

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