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Software Development Cases Studies  

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Mobile Workflows,

The Challenge

doForms Website Was Disorganized & Needed Better UX To Secure Conversions

doForms product is a complex, highlight scalable mobile forms software solution. It allows customers to build custom forms in minutes.

However, their valuable product was overshadowed by a cluttered interface that was bogged down by too many unused web pages.

doForms wanted to generate more leads, garner more brand visibility in the market, and rank better for specific keywords in order to generate better organic traffic. In addition, the client aimed to improve on-site metrics, such as visitors, time on site, lower bounce rates, and more.

The Solution

We Create A New Website, Paid Media Campaign & SEO Strategy

In order to improve the website’s aesthetics, organization and value,
Digital Silk decided to create a new website step-by-step.

By prioritizing tasks in a step-by-step process, we were able to improve
their website without disrupting sales and existing customers.

In addition, this approach allowed our team to measure success accurately and determine
which tactics caused the greatest improvement for doForms. This data continually informed our strategy.

Some of our deliverables included:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design & App Development
  • Multi-Channel Marketing

Redesign & Optimization

How Digital Silk Redesigned & Organized doForms’ Online Presence

doForms previous website lacked a clean interface and strategic user flow. So, the first thing Digital Silk did was work with the client to understand their brand, goals, and what tactics they had previous tried that were unsuccessful.

Afterwards, the Digital Silk team conducted competitor research, a website audit and an SEO analysis to identify the weak points of the existing website. We created a new sitemap, removed zombie pages, and completed optimization tasks aimed at boosting SEO.

Piece by piece, we wireframed and designed new pages for doForms, including a homepage, free trial page, product page, a blog (complete with new, fully optimized content from us!) and more.

After designs and content were approved, we developed, tested and pushed those changes live, monitoring the content regularly.

We eventually coupled this with a retargeting campaign, organic social media schedule, and social media ads to boost brand awareness and traffic.  

The Results

In 2 months, we achieved:
  • 53
    new backlinks
  • 1500
    organic keywords
  • 21%
    lower bounce rate
    on contact page
  • 18.5%
    lower bounce rate
    on free trial page
  • Increased
    on Free Trial page
    to 3:20

Global Team,
Localized Precision

The Challenge

Global IBM Locations Struggled To Adopt
New Industry-Specific Marketing Communications Effectively

The company had to refresh the industry-specific marketing communications and
launched a new platform for 19 Industries made of over 200 webpages that to be localized in Europe.

The team then realized that every country encountered similar problems in the adoption process and took
very long to solve them or didn’t know where to find the necessary information to update on the pages.

The Solution

Location-Specific Marketing Initiatives Aimed At Streamlining The Process

The team aimed to streamline the adoption process by allocated dedicated strategists to each location.
Upwards of 12 digital strategists lead the project for each region in Europe – and those team members used
their experience to build guides and share know-how to reduce delivery time.

Examples of industries they located in the global locations include:

  • Insurance
  • Retail Consumer Products
  • Telecommunications & Media Entertainment
  • Energy


Coordinating Global Teams With Localized Precision

In order to execute the task, the team provided daily status updates to make sure project was on track and help local teams solve unexpected problems. They also created a localization guide for local teams to follow standards.

In addition, the team cultivated a community to share know-how and gather the local configurations needed by teams to publish pages faster.

Finally, the team understood that by having an industry-specific marketing microsite available to those locations, the team was able to shift from a product-lead campaigns to industry-specific marketing communication, integrate better with marketing events and increase organic traffic from keywords that they were not ranking for previously.

The Results

In 5 months, the team achieved:
  • Over 100 stakeholders
    and 12 team members
  • 19 industry
    microsites launched
    in 21 countries
  • 200+ webpages
    localized in
    11 local languages

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Application Software

Application software utilizes a computer system to power functionalities that supersede the device’s capabilities.

It is one of the first forms of software development and is built for specific operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux. Common software programming languages used in application development include Java, VB.NET, C/C++, C#, and Python.

Application software comes in many forms, including mobile apps, desktop applications, and any other type of install-able piece of software designed for a specific function.

System Software

System software manages the behavior of computer hardware, helping the solution to run optimally.

System software solutions come in many forms, including operating systems, device drivers and utilities. Most software solutions that brands need aren’t necessarily system software solutions. Instead, they are software solutions that are compatible with specific system software.

AI, IoT & Emerging Tech

As modern technology advances, software solutions have expanded beyond traditional operating systems and devices. Now, they encompass unique solutions, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, wearable devices, and other forms of software.

Emerging technology as software solutions can be implemented across many devices and operating systems, including mobile apps, websites, and any type of custom software solution.

Custom Software Solutions

Custom software solutions know no bounds. In fact, any business need can be powered by its own specific software, aimed at achieving tailored goals.

Digital Silk consults with each client to determine their objectives, create a roadmap to success, and ultimately build a highly functional and innovative software solution to achieve those goals. Common custom software programming languages include Laravel, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, C++, HTML and more.

Frontend Development

Frontend software developers create the interface of a website or solution that “customers” will see when they interact with it. This means that they are not creating dashboards, administration panels, or content management systems (CMS).

This software development segment pays special attention to accessibility – which essentially encapsulates user experience – and performance – meaning proper functionality, design and loading times.

Frontend developers typically work with the languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Backend Development

Backend software developers build the administration panel, dashboard and content management system that corresponds with the frontend interface. They also connect the frontend with the backend, ensuring that any software settings, content and other information can easily be controlled through the backend.

Backend developers tend to code in languages such as .NET, PHP opensource framework, and JAVA.

In addition, depending on the complexity of a project, Digital Silk can provide full-stack developers or experts who can manage both frontend and backend programming.

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