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Recent Website Design NYC Launches

Custom B2B & B2C Websites Engineered To Perform

Motion Graphics Exploratory Site

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Cool animations help this aviation site takeoff

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Biotech Engineering Website

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Cutting-edge website design provides targeted experiences for different user segments

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Private School Website

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Educational site maximizes conversions with a dynamic design

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B2C Ecommerce Site 

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Archon flexes its muscles with an interactive eComm site

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B2C Website that Delights

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Creating a rewarding experience with a fresh, simple website design

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High Tech eCommerce Site

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A simple sales funnel enhances the user experience

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Dynamic Website Design

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B2B website design focuses on lead generation

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B2B Custom Website

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Clean user flows help drive B2B leads for IT company

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Paul Stuart

Retail Ecommerce Site

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Fashionable website design drives more online revenue

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Liberty GL

Global B2B Website

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Custom-designed shipping & logistics website streamlines the user journey

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Our web designers have helped clients across industries, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, gain competitive advantage both locally and globally. Whether you are looking for a web design that appeals to a highly selective New York buyer, or one that attracts global audiences, we are the agency for you.

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Strategically Planned Conversion Funnels

Strategically Planned Conversion Funnels

Mapping the journey of website visitors is one of the first and most important steps we take when developing a website. By analyzing their conversion path, we are able to optimize the website UX and UI design in a way that will encourage your website visitors to convert.

Heatmaps and user behavior

User Persona Analysis And Design Trends

Conversion funnel optimization efforts are only effective if they’re targeted at the right audience. To achieve this, we perform a thorough analysis of your customers’ user personas. This allows us to craft a website that will resonate with your target audience and turn them into customers.

Persona analysis and design trends

User Behavior

In order to be effective, a website should be designed around the behavior and preferences of its visitors. We use custom monitoring tools that allow us to analyze the on-site activity of your users and adjust the website design accordingly.

Authentic and true to brand look and feel

Authentic And True-to-Brand Look & Feel

Your website is an important asset to your brand image. From wireframes to CTA buttons, our experts ensure that each element of your web design is true to your unique identity.

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NYC Web Design Company Experts

Reveal Their Web Design Process

01Kick-Off & Discovery
02Digital Strategy
03Conversion Funnel
04Design Mockups
05Coding & Development
06Quality Assurance
07Launch & Optimization

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NYC Web Design Experts

Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first design is one of the core best practices of our web design team. All websites we create follow the latest trends and are optimized from the ground up for different mobile devices, platforms and screen sizes.

Strategic Approach To Content

We recognize the great potential of high-quality content as both a digital marketing tool and an essential design element of a modern website. Our web designs rely heavily on research-backed, data-driven content to bring value to visitors and achieve outstanding SEO results.

Defining ‘Great’ Design

We don’t define ‘great’ design as simply aesthetically pleasing or modern. To our team, great design is, above all, a user-centric design that is created to bring measurable results using a data-driven approach.

Compelling Calls-To-Action (CTAs)

CTAs are the key element of an effective, converting website. Our web design team recognizes the important role that CTAs play in the conversion path of a website visitor. We always pay special attention to CTAs to ensure that they are strategically designed and placed to push every user one step closer to converting.

User Experience

In addition to superior websites, our web design team strives to create superior online experiences. A user-centric website is functional, engaging and intuitive to use – qualities that make up a superior user experience.

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Web Design Company FAQs


What Services Does A New York Web Design Company Offer?


A professional New York Web Design Company should offer a broad range of services when it comes to web design and development.

Some of those services are:

  • A personalized strategy that includes Audience and Competitors Research and Analysis
  • Website Planning and Wireframes to show layout and features of landing pages
  • Website UX/UI design
  • On-brand messaging to effectively communicate your company’s unique value proposition
  • Website Frontend and Backend Development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Onsite SEO optimization
  • Ecommerce solutions

What Is The Core Expertise Of A Top New York Web Design Agency?


Even though some Web Design Companies focus on specific platforms, a full-service Web Design Company should be platform agnostic.

A professional New York Web Design Agency should have a team of experts who can offer their expertise when it comes to choosing the right platform for the specific project if necessary, and should be equally well-versed in all platforms, including custom CMS solutions.


What Type Of Results Can I Expect From Hiring A New York Web Design Company?


A professional New York Web Design Company should offer unique custom solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs specifically, serve your target audience and help you grow your brand online.

Some of the benefits of hiring a Professional Web Design Company to design and build a custom website for your brand include higher targeted traffic volume, better onsite engagement and conversions, increased customer retention, as well as improved overall brand performance


How To Choose The Best New York Design Agency


When scouting for a web design company, the best way to find the most qualified and reputable companies is by browsing agency directories. Agency directories serve as your guide to finding the best Professional Web Design Company, categorized by their area of expertise and ranked by their trustworthiness.

Some of the most notable agencies are:

  1. DesignRush
  2. Clutch
  3. Agency Spotter
  4. Expertise
  5. The Manifest
  6. Top Agency

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few agencies, the next step would be to ensure that the agency has previous experience in your space. You can determine this by browsing their portfolio and evaluating their case studies.

You will also want to ensure that the agency is fully staffed with industry professionals and not reliant on outsourcing. Find out if the company staff includes respected professionals in their industry – are they recognized as industry leaders, keynote speakers, published authors? Do they have any special credentials that showcase their expertise?

And lastly, when shopping for an agency, it is important to understand how they measure their results and what they base their pricing on. Do they charge hourly, and if so, what are you getting for the price, how much time would be invested in the project?


7 Questions To Ask A New York Web Design Company During An Interview

  1. Can you show me some of the relevant projects you worked on?

  2. Who are the team members that would be working on my project, and what is their expertise?

  3. Are all the team members in-house, or do you outsource some services?

  4. What is your web design process like?

  5. What is your pricing structure – how much do you charge hourly, and how much time will be invested in the project?

  6. Can you share some references?

  7. Who will be leading the project and how would they communicate the progress?


How Is Digital Silk Different From Other Top New York Web Design Agencies?


Digital Silk is a full-service Web Design Company that employs only industry experts with more than 10 years of experience and a proven track record.

At Digital Silk, we take a strategic approach to any project, and we bring valuable insights and latest trends to design websites that are true to each individual brand’s unique qualities.

Our experts do not take a back seat to any project, we take full project leadership and treat any project as our own.

By partnering with Digital Silk, you can expect transparency and regular reporting, detailed time tracking and streamlined execution.


What Does The Web Design Process Involve At Digital Silk?


At Digital Silk, we start every project with a Digital Strategy. During this stage, the team assigned to the project performs an in-depth audience and competitor research and analysis that help us gain a deep understanding of the market, industry landscape, while identifying the client’s competitors and keywords.

These insights help us define the brands unique value proposition, target audience and personas and outline a data-driven conversion funnel.

The second phase of the Web Design Process is Messaging and Planning where we use all the insights that we gained from the digital strategy to create the most effective web design plan and messaging for the website. The results of these stage are:

  • Optimized header messaging
  • Defined actionable and diverse Calls To Action
  • Mapped out user journey

Next, we move on to site architecture and wireframe creation, where our UX experts use the previously created website plan as a guideline to create custom wireframes that later serve as a blueprint for the website.

At this stage, we also define the CMS Back-end structure and create a functionality specification document for designers and developers to follow throughout the design and development phase.

As soon as the wireframes are ready, our designers move on to adding color, imagery, defining typography and implementing any additional graphic elements. This is an iterative process involving regular communication with the client.

Once the client approves the design of the website, the approved design is converted into a style guide and passed on to the development team that is in charge of building a fully custom solution while adhering to the previously defined visual aspects.

Website is then reviewed on multiple browsers and tested on all devices.

The last stage of the process is CMS planning and client training.

Once the website is ready for launch, we move on to quality assurance phase where we test all the links and content, as well as technical functionalities such as forms, sign-ups and other features.