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Consumer Rewards Program
To Boost Marketing

The Challenge

HP Requires A Rewards Program That Can Be Implemented Globally

In order to bring a better customer experience surrounding new products, HP decided to create a rewards program that offered points and bonuses for every purchase.

This provided customers with the chance to exchange their points for original printer cartridges or get an instant gaming key for their new gaming PCs.

HP aims to bring its customer experience in regards to new products to a new level by offering points and bonuses for their purchase.

The customers will have the chance to exchange their points for original printer cartridges or get an instant gaming key for their new gaming PCs.

Plus, HP has a large number of retail and online stores, which makes this marketing initiative hard to be implemented, monitored and ROI measured. The other hand, a sales force training program is costly and difficult to be implemented. In addition, there are too many online shops and websites to connect with efficiently.

The Solution

We Built An Online Program That Provides Instant Rewards To Customers

We created an online program where the customers have the chance to register
their new products and get points or instant bonuses.

With this program, HP has a better understanding of how many customers have been enrolled in the rewards program,
how they behave within the program, and which marketing campaign was most successful at driving additional users.
Some of our deliverables included:

  • Program Communication. Retailers and resellers refer HP’s program in their own newsletters associated with HP products
  • Audience Reach. We targeted customers based on their interest in HP printing or gaming products.
  • User-Friendly Website. The customers submitted their purchase proof and product serial numbers in a custom interface. This portal also allows them to see the points they have gathered and gaming key download after purchases are validated. There also an interface for the users that joined the program, but not purchased yet.
  • Retargeting. Based on users’ behavior with the program, we created segments and retargeted based on the level of engagement.
  • Email Newsletters. All the customers and non-customers enrolled in the program were announced at the beginning of every new campaign.
  • Nurturing Communication. An automatic email messaging was set up sending to information about the level of points, required action, successful submissions and product validation.


How We Created A Comprehensive Rewards Program For HP That Works

We tracked and analyzed the most successful actions and narrowed the audience based on engagement with the website.

We also tracked and analyze all third-party communications.

Based on the users’ behavior and feedback, we improved the landing pages and the experience with the website.

For more accuracy, we removed all inactive accounts and created levels of users, based on their activity inside the program.

The Results

In 6 months we achieved:
  • 40,000
    active members
    inside the program
  • 56%
    of customers are
    repeat customers
  • Automated
    generated for the campaign
    detailing real time data

Digital Campaigns
For Increasing B2B Leads

The Challenge

Xerox Needs To Capture B2B Leads For Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology

The Scope

Xerox wants to sustain their ability to simplify work and improve productivity by promoting their printers with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology to the business audience. On top of that, Xerox aims to generate leads for their sales force that will be redistributed to their resellers.

The Gap

Their website was a company website with very few critical touchpoints in influencing customer’s decision – but it wasn’t created for this scope, and was ultimately unsuccessful in securing leads. In addition, the leads that Xerox did capture weren’t sent directly to the sales force.

The Solution

We Improved Customer Engagement & Conversions Through Digital Campaigns

Creating the frame for customer engagement and conversion started with an in-depth
audience analysis and customer journey mapping based on Xerox’ Sales Force insights.

Some of our deliverables included:

  • Audience Reach. We built the Google Search and Display Ads campaign targeting category and branded keywords
  • Landing Page. We created a new landing page on a new domain, with messaging based on most important buying triggers, a video presentation, a simple and easy to fill up contact form and a brochure download.
  • Retargeting. We created a retargeting campaign through Google Ads for the most eligible users with time-on-page and video views
  • Nurturing. For users that downloaded the brochure, but still considering we served different pieces of content via emailing


How We Improved The Sales Funnel Across All Channels

Through ongoing analysis, we created different segments based on level of engagement and converting users.

The campaign improved efficiency and leads generated through refining the audience, content testing and improvement and budget optimization.

The resulted leads were taken by Xerox sales force and the agency was provided with feedback about the quality score of the leads and insights about customers.

The Results

In 6 months we achieved:
  • 20%
    sales increase for
    Xerox Versalink
  • 43%
    conversion rate
    for nurtured leads
  • Improved
    and best practices
    for Xerox team

Mobile Workflows,

The Challenge

doForms Website Was Disorganized & Needed Better UX To Secure Conversions

doForms product is a complex, highlight scalable mobile forms software solution. It allows customers to build custom forms in minutes.

However, their valuable product was overshadowed by a cluttered interface that was bogged down by too many unused web pages.

doForms wanted to generate more leads, garner more brand visibility in the market, and rank better for specific keywords in order to generate better organic traffic. In addition, the client aimed to improve on-site metrics, such as visitors, time on site, lower bounce rates, and more.

The Solution

We Create A New Website, Paid Media Campaign & SEO Strategy

In order to improve the website’s aesthetics, organization and value,
Digital Silk decided to create a new website step-by-step.

By prioritizing tasks in a step-by-step process, we were able to improve
their website without disrupting sales and existing customers.

In addition, this approach allowed our team to measure success accurately and determine
which tactics caused the greatest improvement for doForms. This data continually informed our strategy.

Some of our deliverables included:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design & App Development
  • Multi-Channel Marketing

Redesign & Optimization

How Digital Silk Redesigned & Organized doForms’ Online Presence

doForms previous website lacked a clean interface and strategic user flow. So, the first thing Digital Silk did was work with the client to understand their brand, goals, and what tactics they had previous tried that were unsuccessful.

Afterwards, the Digital Silk team conducted competitor research, a website audit and an SEO analysis to identify the weak points of the existing website. We created a new sitemap, removed zombie pages, and completed optimization tasks aimed at boosting SEO.

Piece by piece, we wireframed and designed new pages for doForms, including a homepage, free trial page, product page, a blog (complete with new, fully optimized content from us!) and more.

After designs and content were approved, we developed, tested and pushed those changes live, monitoring the content regularly.

We eventually coupled this with a retargeting campaign, organic social media schedule, and social media ads to boost brand awareness and traffic.  

The Results

In 2 months, we achieved:
  • 53
    new backlinks
  • 1500
    organic keywords
  • 21%
    lower bounce rate
    on contact page
  • 18.5%
    lower bounce rate
    on free trial page
  • Increased
    on Free Trial page
    to 3:20

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Strategically Planned Conversion Funnels​

We create websites with one specific goal in mind – conversions. That’s why we always go the extra mile when mapping out the path your customers take on their way to converting. We then carefully integrate this path into the website and build it around the conversion funnel. ​​

Strategically Planned Conversion Funnels

User Persona Analysis And Design Trends​

For a website to be effective in converting, it must be aimed at a specific audience. To tackle that, we develop comprehensive user personas for your website to understand its target audience. We then design the website to specifically attract and retain your target customers. ​​

Heatmaps and user behavior

User Behavior​

Once we figure out who the visitors of your website are, we analyze their online behavior. To do that, we rely on custom monitoring tools that enable us to see what parts of the website your visitors most interact with and optimize the conversion path accordingly. ​​

Persona analysis and design trends

Authentic And On-Brand Look & Feel​

​When it comes to the visual aspect of web design, your website should not only channel your brand identity – it should also look modern. That’s why we always follow the latest web design trends and best practices to design a website that looks authentic and unique and drives results.​​

Authentic and true to brand look and feel
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Defining 'Great' Design​

Our web design team does not define ‘great’ design as something they – or the client – subjectively find aesthetically pleasing. Great web design goes beyond that and prioritizes outstanding functionality, user experience and commercial performance. ​​

Mobile-First Design​

Mobile-first design is one of the fundamental principles of modern web design. Desktop-oriented websites that are optimized for mobile devices are simply not effective enough anymore. Our team diligently follows the ideas of mobile-first design and creates a website that offers uncompromised performance on mobile devices from start to finish.​​

Strategic Approach To Content 

The phrase “Content is king” is often stated, but many do not understand its true meaning. Our web designers do – that’s why they always strive to create designs that put content first. Whether it’s an SEO tool or something that offers genuine value to the user, quality content is what distinguishes superior websites from the rest. ​

Compelling Calls-To-Action (CTAs)​

The goal of our web design team is, above all, to create websites that drive conversions and revenue. That’s why we put extra effort into perfecting the conversion funnels of each and every website we work on, down to the last CTA.​

User Experience​

Flashy design and catchy copy are not enough to turn first-time website visitors into loyal clients. The only way to achieve this is to ensure that your website offers the most outstanding user experience. From minimal loading speeds to logical navigation, our team will check all the boxes necessary to ensure that your visitors come back, time and time again.​​

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