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From Start-Ups To Fortune 500, We Partner With Brands Of All Sizes
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Recent Website Design California​ Launches

Custom B2B & B2C Websites Engineered To Perform

Motion Graphics Exploratory Site

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Cool animations help this aviation site takeoff

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Biotech Engineering Website

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Cutting-edge website design provides targeted experiences for different user segments

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Private School Website

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Educational site maximizes conversions with a dynamic design

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B2C Ecommerce Site 

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Archon flexes its muscles with an interactive eComm site

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B2C Website that Delights

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Creating a rewarding experience with a fresh, simple website design

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High Tech eCommerce Site

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A simple sales funnel enhances the user experience

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Dynamic Website Design

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B2B website design focuses on lead generation

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B2B Custom Website

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Clean user flows help drive B2B leads for IT company

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Paul Stuart

Retail Ecommerce Site

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Fashionable website design drives more online revenue

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Liberty GL

Global B2B Website

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Custom-designed shipping & logistics website streamlines the user journey

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The Leading Web Design Company In California​

California – Where Artistic Expression Meets Cutting-Edge Tech​​

As a web design company in California’s highly competitive market, we know that delivering consistently superior results is the key to success. Our experienced, highly skilled team of web design experts always rises up to the challenge of delivering outstanding work time and time again.​

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Top​ Website Design Company in California

To Create A Superior Website

Strategically Planned Conversion Funnels

Strategically Planned Conversion Funnels

We create websites with one specific goal in mind – conversions. That’s why we always go the extra mile when mapping out the path your customers take on their way to converting. We then carefully integrate this path into the website and build it around the conversion funnel.​

Heatmaps and user behavior

User Persona Analysis And Design Trends

For a website to be effective in converting, it must be aimed at a specific audience. To tackle that, we develop comprehensive user personas for your website to understand its target audience. We then design the website to specifically attract and retain your target customers. ​

Persona analysis and design trends

User Behavior

Once we figure out who the visitors of your website are, we analyze their online behavior. To do that, we rely on custom monitoring tools that enable us to see what parts of the website your visitors most interact with and optimize the conversion path accordingly. ​​​

Authentic and true to brand look and feel

Authentic And True-to-Brand Look & Feel

When it comes to the visual aspect of web design, your website should not only channel your brand identity – it should also look modern. That’s why we always follow the latest web design trends and best practices to design a website that looks authentic and unique and drives results.​​​

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California Web Design Company Experts​​​

Reveal Their Web Design Process​​

01Kick-Off & Discovery
02Digital Strategy
03Information Architecture
04Design Mockups
05Coding & Development
06Quality Assurance
07Launch & Optimization

Custom Website Designs Before & After

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California Web Design Experts​​

Defining 'Great' Design​

Our web design team does not define ‘great’ design as something they – or the client – subjectively find aesthetically pleasing. Great web design goes beyond that and prioritizes outstanding functionality, user experience and commercial performance. ​​

Mobile-First Design​

Mobile-first design is one of the fundamental principles of modern web design. Desktop-oriented websites that are optimized for mobile devices are simply not effective enough anymore. Our team diligently follows the ideas of mobile-first design and creates a website that offers uncompromised performance on mobile devices from start to finish.​​

Strategic Approach To Content 

The phrase “Content is king” is often stated, but many do not understand its true meaning. Our web designers do – that’s why they always strive to create designs that put content first. Whether it’s an SEO tool or something that offers genuine value to the user, quality content is what distinguishes superior websites from the rest. ​

Compelling Calls-To-Action (CTAs)​

The goal of our web design team is, above all, to create websites that drive conversions and revenue. That’s why we put extra effort into perfecting the conversion funnels of each and every website we work on, down to the last CTA.​

User Experience​

Flashy design and catchy copy are not enough to turn first-time website visitors into loyal clients. The only way to achieve this is to ensure that your website offers the most outstanding user experience. From minimal loading speeds to logical navigation, our team will check all the boxes necessary to ensure that your visitors come back, time and time again.​​

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California Web Design Company Experts

Have Proven Track Records & Top Industry Awards

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Web Design Company FAQs


What Type Of Services Does A California Web Design Company Offer?


Typically, a California Web Design company offers “key-in-hand” solutions for web design and development, including all relevant checkpoints:

  • A personalized strategy to help you meet your business goals
  • On-brand messaging to effectively communicate your company’s unique value proposition
  • Wireframing to show layout and features of landing pages
  • UX and UI design
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Quality assurance
  • Dev ops for assisting with hosting and server configuration

Besides this, some Web Design companies also offer marketing services to attract qualified visitors and ensure your new website will get enough space to shine in the modern competitive environment.


What Does A California Web Design Agency Specialize In?


A California Web Design agency specializes in planning, creating, optimizing and maintaining professional websites that inform, engage and convert visitors, rank in search engine results and reach highly qualified prospects.


What Type Of Results Will I See After Partnering With A Top California Web Design Company?


Working with a California Web Design Company will optimize your digital presence through tracking and monitoring various performance metrics adapted to your industry and business type, to evaluate factors that impact your business’s bottom line:

  • Audience reach and impact: Using analytics tools like Google Analytics helps web design agencies determine if your audience is growing, and if so, at what pace.
  • Traffic sources: In addition to tracking your audience, it’s important to determine how those visitors are coming to your website by segmenting them by traffic channels (organic, referral, direct, paid traffic, social media, etc.). Analyzing your traffic sources allows web design agencies to better understand your potential customers, and provides them with insight into optimizing website messaging, design, and even improving marketing techniques.
  • Bounce rate and average sessions: Analyzing your website’s bounce rate and average sessions allows web design agencies to optimize onsite engagement.
  • Conversions: Measuring your website’s conversion rate allows web design agencies to identify areas where they can optimize your website’s conversion funnel.

All these techniques will result in better Google ranking, higher revenue per visitor, more leads and increased number of return visitors, consequently driving higher overall business results.


How To Choose The Best Web Design Agency In California


The best way to approach your scouting for a local web design agency in California is to browse through relevant agency directories. Agency directories and marketplaces serve as your guide to finding the best professional agencies, categorized by their areas of expertise, and ranked by their trustworthiness, reviews, and proven track record of success.

Some of the most notable agency directories include:

  1. DesignRush
  2. Clutch
  3. Agency Spotter
  4. Expertise
  5. The Manifest
  6. Top Agency

5 Questions To Ask A California Web Design Company During An Interview


During an interview, asking the relevant questions will help you identify the agency that has the talent and the right approach to your project. It will help you find a partner that will take ownership of their work and put your mind at ease:

Question #1: Will You Provide Recommendations And Ideas?

This question will help you weed out all the agencies that are more interested in showing you their work and telling you how great they are, rather than listening and understanding your challenges and giving you ideas and recommendations to meet your goals.

Question #2: How Am I Benefitting From Working With You?

Here you need to look at your prospective agencies’ processes and deliverables. Of course, this will depend on your budget: if you have a tight budget, perhaps the template is the better way to go. But if you have a decent budget to start from scratch and do custom work, the agency should take you step-by-step through the process, so it makes sense to you. You need to feel comfortable with their expected deliverables.

Question #3: Who Will Be Working On My Project?

Make sure you speak to the person leading your project, whatever their title may be, and make sure to know their: qualifications and credentials, how long have they been with the company, how many years of experience do they have and what type of projects/companies have they worked on in the past.

Question #4: Do You Have Experience With Similar Projects?

The work in the agency’s portfolio may not be in your industry, but it should have the same or similar challenges that your project has.

For example: if you need a smart search feature or if you have complex navigation or a product price that needs to change depending on the buyer, or maybe you need to comply to certain regulations related to your specific industry - find out if they’ve worked with similar features/challenges/regulations before and what the outcome looked like.

Question #5: How Will You Bring Value To Our Relationship?

Note that the answer to this question is something the agency should volunteer upfront, without you having to ask. They should have a clear outline of what they can bring to the table and how are they planning to bring additional value to the potential partnership.


How Is Digital Silk Different From Other Top California Web Design Agencies?


At Digital Silk, we understand how choosing the right web design agency can be a challenging task – you need to find a true partner, someone who can understand your business challenges, landscape and goals and find the right way to help you achieve them, rather than creating a beautiful website with no actual potential to drive your business forward.

That’s why our team takes a proactive approach, taking leadership of your project and creating quality websites that increase conversions, generate leads and grow your brand.

The main differentiators from other California Web Design agencies and benefits of working with Digital Silk are reflected in our company’s core values:

  1. Project Ownership
  2. Transparency
  3. Results

Should you choose us, some of the industry’s top talent will comprise your team - we have the relevant experience to plan and design a superior UX to drive higher SEO ranking and engagement.