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Recent Website Design Chicago Launches

Custom B2B & B2C Websites Engineered To Perform

Motion Graphics Exploratory Site

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Cool animations help this aviation site takeoff

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Biotech Engineering Website

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Cutting-edge website design provides targeted experiences for different user segments

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Private School Website

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Educational site maximizes conversions with a dynamic design

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B2C Ecommerce Site 

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Archon flexes its muscles with an interactive eComm site

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B2C Website that Delights

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Creating a rewarding experience with a fresh, simple website design

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High Tech eCommerce Site

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A simple sales funnel enhances the user experience

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Dynamic Website Design

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B2B website design focuses on lead generation

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B2B Custom Website

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Clean user flows help drive B2B leads for IT company

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Paul Stuart

Retail Ecommerce Site

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Fashionable website design drives more online revenue

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Liberty GL

Global B2B Website

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Custom-designed shipping & logistics website streamlines the user journey

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The Leading Web Design Company In Chicago​

A Diverse Web Design Portfolio Worthy Of A Diverse City​

Our Chicago web design company experts has had the pleasure of working with a multitude of clients – from small local businesses to globally recognized brands.

Our highly-skilled, experienced designers and developers don’t settle for anything less than superior results. Want to check out our portfolio? Contact us, we'd love to hear from you!​

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Strategically Planned Conversion Funnels

Strategically Planned Conversion Funnels

Understanding your customer's conversion journey is a vital element of creating a successful website that drives sales. ​​​

Our experts will not only map out each step of your customer's journey to conversion, they will also create a website or app design that inspires your visitors to take those steps. ​

Heatmaps and user behavior

User Persona Analysis And Design Trends

Knowing your target audience is as important as understanding their conversion journey, if not more so.

To ensure that your web design efforts will reach your target buyers, our team will conduct thorough data-driven research and develop several different user personas to ensure successful conversion. ​

Persona analysis and design trends

User Behavior

Simply reaching your target audience with your website or app is not enough to ensure success.

You must also understand how your audience behaves on your website or in your app.

We tackle audience behaviour by mapping out the journey that a user takes on a website and optimizing the conversion path accordingly.​

Authentic and true to brand look and feel

Authentic And True-to-Brand Look & Feel

Your website should be attention-grabbing, inviting and, above all, it should represent your business and what it stands for.

We always ensure that every element of your website stays on-brand and true to your unique identity, down to the smallest button or text box.​

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Chicago Web Design Company Experts​​​

Reveal Their Web Design Process​​

01Kick-Off & Discovery
02Digital Strategy
03Information Architecture
04Design Mockups
05Coding & Development
06Quality Assurance
07Launch & Optimization

Custom Website Designs Before & After

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Chicago Web Design Experts​

Mobile-First Design​

Most online journeys now occur on mobile devices. But optimizing an existing website for mobile is not enough for the website to succeed. That's why our experts create responsive, mobile-friendly websites that are tailored for mobile user experience, from start to finish.​

Strategic Approach To Content 

Compelling, high-quality content has unmatched potential in digital marketing. Our websites rely heavily on content that provides value to users, makes the website more interactive and boosts SEO performance. ​

Defining 'Great' Design​

Beauty is subjective, and for our experts, great web design goes beyond aesthetics. We take a data-driven approach to ensure that our designs not only reflect the brand identity of our clients, but also provide a superior user experience. ​

Compelling Calls-To-Action (CTAs)​

Our main goal is to create websites that drive conversions. That's why our experts always go the extra mile when designing CTAs, to make them stand out on every page and direct visitors down the conversion funnel. ​

User Experience​

A superior website is one that users can't wait to visit again. User experience plays an important role in that. That's why our websites aren't just functional, they are also engaging, secure and easy to navigate – all to make users come back, time and time again. ​

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Chicago Web Design Company Experts

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Web Design Company FAQs


Why Hire A Web Design Company in Chicago?


Web design companies in Chicago offer nationally competitive rates for internationally competitive services.

Besides the quality and cost-effectiveness of these agencies, Chicago web designers are directly exposed to the local market. If you are a business looking to gain market share in the Windy City, partnering with local website experts is likely to give you an added advantage during the website planning process.


The 3 Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Chicago Web Design Company


In addition to assessing their experience with local businesses, the three questions we’d recommend that you ask a Chicago agency are applicable to any agency interview. These are:

  1. Who are the experts who would be working on my project? Aim to meet your future team during the screening process. It is important that you not only feel confident in their expertise but also have that “good chemistry”.
  2. What will your services include? Most web design companies in Chicago will provide design and development only as part of their core services. Consulting, website planning, SEO and similar are typically add-ons, so be sure that you fully understand what the deliverables are for your project.
  3. How do you ensure that your projects are delivered on time and on par with the clients’ expectations? Experiences Chicago web design professionals will follow carefully defined methodologies and processes, as well as have clearly defined roles during the project to optimize communication and collaboration during all stages of the project. The best Chicago web design agencies will have dedicated project managers who’ll provide an added layer of efficiency.

How To Choose The Best Chicago Web Design Agency For My Project?


The right Chicago web design agency is the one that has the capabilities and offering that meet your exact project requirements.

The best Chicago web design agency is the one that not only has what it takes to successfully complete your project, but also support you in the long run; think site maintenance, marketing and similar digital services.

So, to find the best agency for your project, start by clearly defining your near- and long-term project goals.

  • Will you need help with website planning?
  • Will you need SEO and/or conversion optimization?
  • How about technology consulting?
  • And so on

What Makes Digital Silk’s Chicago Web Designers Unique?


We are a team of award-winning designers and industry-leading website consultants and developers. What makes our web design services unique are:

  • Clearly defined and optimized project management processes, as well as design and development methodologies
  • Consulting, website planning and SEO as integral parts of our web design offering
  • True engineers specialized in a variety of website development platforms
  • Senior experts (we do not hire juniors)
  • Wealth of experience working not only with Chicago businesses but also internationally renowned organizations

What Do Digital Silk’s Chicago Web Designers Specialize In?


Digital Silk is first and foremost a digital agency. We specialize in a variety of digital services which allows us to deliver fully optimized websites that function as high-performance marketing channels.

Our website expertise includes:

  • Website planning
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Website design from informational to eCommerce and web apps
  • Website development using most industry-leading builders and CMS’s, from WordPress to headless
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • Website marketing

How Much Do Digital Silk’s Web Design Services Cost?


Digital Silk is a premium digital agency that works with businesses of all types and sizes from startups to Fortune 500 and non-profits.

Our quotes are custom, and they depend on the project scope. Click here to request a custom quote for your project.